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>> thank you for joining us this early in the morning. hopefully you don't have to work. >> all right, meteorologist justin berk ran to virginia beach. lynette charles has our beautiful weather today. >> absolutely spectacular. it'll continue for the next several days as well. there is change in the forecast, but in the meantime, a lovely labor day is in store for you. ample sunshine will continue and then we'll start to warm things back up into the middle of the week. then we'll cool things back down by the end of the week. we do have a little bit of a roller coaster ride. strap yourself in. maryland's most powerful radar looks good today. when we're dry you see all the sweet stuff. no matter where you're going, you're going to stay dry. you'll see lots of sunshine. you want the sunscreen, the shades for today as well. we're at 63 degrees and the humidity's at 60%. the dew point's at 49. not too bad and feels like 63
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with the winds out of the north, northeast at about 5 miles an hour. temperatures right now, we're a little coolish, especially heading over the border into pennsylvania, 46 degrees there, we're at 59 degrees into baltimore right now, easton coming in at 55 and 55 into dover, philly around 61 degrees. still a cool side into oakland and also into charlottesville. 6:31. you have midterm elections coming up and the president is well aware that the economy is struggling. so he's promising to do something. abc2 news emily schmitt reports on that, something on this labor day. >> president obama once predicted a summer of recovery. with unemployment hovering around 9.6%. >> jobs are being created, just not as fast as they need to. >> reporter: the administration confirms this week mr. obama will call to extend an expand research tax credits which
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allows businesses to write off development costs. and he may endorse a payroll tax holiday. >> i think that could be effective and helpful in the next six to 12 months when the recovery needs it. i think that'd be a boost to the economy. >> the administration says this isn't a stimulus package. republicans say it's a sign of applying flailing. >> we always right back to see death bed conversions, if we'd have done this kind of thing a couple years ago, we'd be in a lot better shape. they're just flailing around. >> reporter: the president's week long purpose on the economy comes less than two months before midterm elections. >> you hope if you can small enough small things at the economy, that you do enough to be able to win this war against what is a very fragile recovery. >> reporter: today, president obama unveiled infrastructure proposals. on wednesday, he rolls out more
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ideas in cleveland, ohio. that's the same city where last month, minority leader john boehner called upon the president to fire his economic team. emily schmitt abc news washington. 6:33 right now. engineers have hoisted a key piece of evidence in the bp oil spill to the surface of the gulf of mexico. investigators hope they'll be able to determine why that blow out preventer didn't stop the oil that leaked into the gulf. saturday engineers used a crane attached to a drilling vessel to lift this 300 ton device from a mile beneath the sea. it took nearly 30 hours to complete this procedure. the april 20th explosion killed 11 workers and led to 206 million gallons of oil spewing from the deep water well. a close call off the coast of south carolina. a boat capsized sending seven people, including three children into the ocean. this is coast guard video of the
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early morning rescue. story's incredible. the wife of the boat owner called authorities when the party didn't return home on time. after about 20 hours in the water, the coast guard pulled the boaters to safety. all were wearing no lifejackets, but they were in the water for 20 hours, all okay. a pier off the hudson river caught fire over the weekend. this is video of a new jersey guy. witnesses say the smoke was also visible several blocks away on the west side. the west side highway had to be shut down for a while. it started at a sanitation plant. several trash containers were also set on fire. it took crews about 90 minutes to get this one under control. remember the jet blue flight attendant who made a dramatic exit down an emergency chute, no longer working for the airline now. they're not going to tell us how steven slater and the company parted ways. he said he quit, he wasn't fired. he grabbed some beer, triggered
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an inflatable emergency chute at jfk airport and got out of there after an argument with a passenger. talk about a speedy sleeper. talk about this bed drag race in miami. four teammates push a homemade bend with a teammate riding inside. prizes were awarded to the fastest teams. all proceeds benefit alonzo mourning charities. mourning a former miami heat player. she only weighs 105 pounds, but out eats some of the biggest men in the world. the black widow gobbled up 181 chicken wings in 12 minutes. the buffalo wing festival. almost five pounds of wings. she beat out champ joey chestnut. he only ate 169 wings.
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this is the first time the two have faced off in a chicken wing eating contest. buffalo is considered the birth place of the popular finger food. look at her, 105 pounds. she's an eating machine. coming up next: a surprising ally in the fight to build a mosque near ground zero. mixed reactions to his reasons why it should be allowed. it's like jaws in the potomac. a site that hasn't been seen in decades. i can take one airline out... and another home. so with more flight options, i can find the combination that gets me there and back quickest. where you book matters. expedia.
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time to take a look at news around the world right now. army troops were brought in to help police in new zealand in the city of christ's church after two days. a powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake smashed buildings and smashed homes. wrecked roads and rail lines,
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but caused no loss of life. the mayor extended a state of emergency for another two days as troops moved in to help secure streets and badly damaged businesses in the worst hit area of the city. at least 500 buildings, including 90 in the downtown area were designated as destroyed by this earthquake. torrential rains caused mudslides which killed at least 38 people in guatemala. most of them were some three separate disasters along the same stretch of highway and crews are still searching for survivors this morning. on saturday, a landslide on the inter-american highway, towards mexico, partially buried a bus killing 12 people. then another slide around midday on saturday trapped vehicles on the same highway. some of the people who came to the rescue themselves were caught by a second slide. the families of 33 chilean miners trapped underground after a shaft collapsed at the san jose mine mark the one-month anniversary of the ordeal.
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lawrence goldberg was at the mine to mark the occasion. he read off the names of each of the miners followed by cheers of family members. family members have camped out close to the mine, sending out messages to the loved ones to keep their spirits up. 69 mexican cowboys became the greatest number of cowboys lassoing at the same time. they took part in the event, including women and children. they twirled ropes for nearly three minutes. event organizers say the record breaking is a way of keeping up mexican customs alive and well. you may be celebrating by sleeping in and grilling out. >> what if you don't have a job? >> the secretary of labor pays a visit to howard county to discuss unemployment. i'm sherrie johnson, coming up:
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hear what the unemployed have to say about it. also ahead: students now being attacked at robbed in college park. how to protect yourself. some political ads may not be real. what to look out for so you don't have false information. the. we have bieber fever and how it reached its breaking point last night.
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6:45 on a monday morning, labor day morning. i'm megan pringle with your abc2 news to go. >> i'm jamie costello. not talking about earl this weekend, the big story's about justin bieber. >> girls were swooning at the maryland state fair last night. people lined up for hours before they could get. in they were looking for the best spot in the house. let's check in with the weather first. here's lynette charles. >> the weather today will be gorgeous. let me show you as we go hour by
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hour, we're looking pretty good. starting you off this morning at 69 degrees. lots of sunshine will prevail today. by lunch time, 79. by the afternoon, around 3:00, 4:00, forecasting a high about 83 degrees with that temperature coming into the 60s as we go into the evening timeframe. check out what we have today. yes, it's a big game between navy and maryland. temperature at 83 degrees. clear and mild. lots of sunshine, those winds will be out of the south at about 5 to 10 miles an hour. enjoy, back to you, guys. if you could take a mulligan, a do-over, what would you do? nurse, accountant, teacher? truck driver? >> yes, today is labor day, a day to celebrate the workforce, but right now there are still many people trying to rejoin the workforce. currently the unemployment numbers are at 9.6%. this labor day weekend, the
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secretary of labor, hilda solis is taking a look at numbers. she thanked firefighters for their work in public safety. preventing job loss and getting people back to work is the secretary's agenda. howard county falls well below the national number. landing a job and trying to stay afloat is pretty tough. >> looking for help, there is a lot, it's just so many people fighting over the same jobs. >> they just have to make more jobs available or either they need to teach people how to obtain these jobs. it's not the same as it used to be, you'd just send in a resume and somebody would contact you. you don't even hear from anybody. >> both debbie and betty say being unemployed has led them to tap into untouched skills. in the studio, sherrie johnson,
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abc2 news. baltimore police are searching for suspects this morning in a shooting that sent a 15-year-old boy to the hospital. happened around 6:00 saturday night. police say the teen was shot in the face, but is in stable condition at the hospital this morning. authorities are working to identify a body found in south baltimore. the discovery was made in the 2600 block of west patapsco avenue. the body is believed to be an adult male. there's no word right now on the cause of death. police are searching for four suspects who they say robbed a university of maryland student early yesterday morning. it happened on hartwick road in college park. one suspect tackled the victim while the other took his wallet. campus police are sending students text messages and alerting them to be aware.
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>> never thought this. >> police say there have been four attacks since july. still not clear if the attacks were by the same suspects. several of the students were hurt. no serious injuries have been reported. the maryland attorney general is sending a warning about deceitful and misleading campaign literature. doug gansler said some of brochures printed for the upcoming elections falsify several candidates endorsed by state and local leaders. he says other handouts have been printed claiming the official ballots or voter guides. claims about deceptive practices will be investigated. the anniversary of 9/11 is on saturday. with it, fears and images of terrorist attacks could spawn anti-muslim violence. tensions are running high with protests across the country against planned new mosques.
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when an anti-muslim televangelist showed up near ground zero sunday, some believed passions could inflame, but they didn't. >> reporter: it's about lies and truths. our next story is one that will have a lot of you thinking twice before taking a dip in the potomac again. an 8-foot bull shark out. there they were caught with large nets. for the past 30 years, they've spent most of their days in southern maryland on a boat, but reeling in a bull shark with the first. >> oh my gosh, my granddaughter was swimming there two weeks ago. >> this is one of the four most aggressive sharks on the east coast. this one attacks people. >> bull sharks aren't bothered by fresh water and can travel
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far inland. they swim in shallow water. this turned up about half a mile away from shore. residents of tropical storm earl made big waves in ocean city over the weekend. but that hasn't put a damper on vacationer's plans. people weathered the storm and enjoyed their weekend at the beach. >> it's a beautiful day. >> absolutely gorgeous. >> had no problem. go! go! go! >> there was still a risk for rip currents, but there was actually no reports being uh, there were no reports of anyone being hurt. some 250,000 vacationers were expected this holiday weekend in ocean city. while there were cancellations, that number is typical for labor day weekend. all right, if you're going downtown today, expect a lot of traffic around m&t bank stadium. the crab bowl is on. navy against maryland. squaring off today at 4:00. last time it was about five
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years ago. the officials in baltimore here, the ravens working to try to get the two teams to play one another every three years or so. that'll be a jam-packed stadium for that one. this is the 15th anniversary of cal's 2131. orioles took the weekend series against tampa. the rays hit four home runs yesterday. the orioles win 8-7. even though they won't be playing in october for the 13th strait time, the orioles have a chance to shove the bat and ball into the playoff chase. since they bruised the rays, what can they do in new york? brian matusz gets the ball today in the bronx. bieber, one word says it all. >> bieber. >> bieber. gives you a smile or makes you cringe, either way, a lot of young girls were smiling. thousands of frothing at the mouth between girls packed into the timonium fairgrounds to get
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bieber fever. he's a former internet phenom that turned into industry standard. thousands of people packed the fairgrounds yesterday morning to get a shot at bieber tickets. those lucky few thousand got them so they were so excited. listen. >> we got here at 6:30. it's definitely worth it. it was really crazy. it's going to be a great concert. >> i just love him, he's so cute. i love his music. like he, his song somebody to love is like one of my favorite songs. >> we love justin bieber! >> there were fights over justin bieber, can you believe that? fans were given wristbands are certain times on them, they were allowed in at different times. the concert was a complete sell-out.
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some people were waiting at 3:30 in the morning. >> 3:30 line and 7:00 line went around them. they, because they could. so... everybody got in though. >> i can't imagine waiting in line that long for anything. >> oh sure, c'mon. >> i can't. >> 3:30 in the morning? wait in line for lynette charles weather. >> i would wait in line for your weather forecast, especially this week, lynette. >> yes, you're going to stand in line for my forecast, it's absolutely magnificent. lots of sunshine, if you like the sunshine, oh yes, let me show you what's going on, yesterday we came in at a beautiful 78 degrees. plenty of sunshine will prevail for today. 78 in hagerstown, oakland, 64 degrees yesterday. 75 into york. charlottesville around 81 degrees. winchester at 82. i'm forecasting today around 83 degrees. not too bad. the reason why we'll get so much sunshine in here, and not going
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to get showers and thunderstorms diving across our area, we have high pressure already building. in it's just going to block the showers and thunderstorms. that's what we like to see. especially on labor day. as we head off towards the south and east, around these states, around the coast, they had showers and thunderstorms to deal with, but we're looking pretty good. we'll stay that way for a while. another area that's not looking so great, the gulf of mexico does have tropical storm hermine out there. with that, winds sustained about 40 miles an hour. moving to the north about 7 miles an hour. the projected path with this, to make a northwesterly jog and maybe make landfall tomorrow morning, on the northeastern coast of mexico, the southern tip of texas, so with this storm, the biggest threat, definitely lots of rain, maybe four to eight inches. in local areas, maybe up to a foot of rainfall. it will weaken as it comes in contact with land as it usually does. we'll stay magnificent in our forecast as well. we have a weak front or a dry
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front that will try to make its way in here on wednesday. in the meantime, for today, 83, mostly sunny and nice. tomorrow, 85 degrees, mostly sunny. little warmer. here's your 7-day forecast. looks pretty good. we're on a roller coaster ride. we'll warm up and cool things down and maybe showers in the forecast as well. >> so nice to see the 80s though. all right: earl. we all remember earl last weekend. maybe behind us. 9 season's far from over. that'll be the topic of discussion on good morning america. other stores could be forming out there. coming up next at 7:00 on good morning america. craigslist forced to change their ways a little bit, we'll tell you at 9:00.
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